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Best Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix

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When you are up against a wall, it pays to hire the best criminal defense attorney in Phoenix.

Our team is dedicated to helping those accused of a crime.

We want you to see that you have options and what those options might be.

Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, specializes in defending those in the Phoenix area.

If you have been arrested, you must immediately reach out for help! Call 602-835-062 to contact our office and set up your free consultation.

Decades of criminal defense expertise in Phoenix have taught us how district attorneys and police build cases.

While some Phoenix criminal defense attorneys prefer to wait and see, we realize there is no time to spare.

The best criminal defense attorney, Phoenix, understands that the most essential time is frequently immediately following an arrest.

After all, the prosecutors and police aren’t sitting around waiting to create a case against you.

Why give them an advantage?

Cases are not just won in court. Knowing who to talk to and who has the authority to negotiate is frequently as crucial as making the best impression on the jury.

We have over 20 years of experience navigating Arizona’s criminal justice system effectively.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix

Proactive Criminal Defense

Once you call, we will begin working with our private criminal investigators and specialists to preserve your rights.

We’ll find and interview witnesses, collect surveillance footage, and conduct all essential background investigations into your case’s facts.

Surprise twists work great on television, but it is better to be prepared in real life.

We work with clients who have been accused of:

Personalize Phoenix Criminal Defense

It is sometimes feasible to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed.

There are times when skillful and early negotiating can persuade the district attorney to drop the charges.

Our skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyers will present your story and evidence in the best light imaginable.

Furthermore, prosecutors may pursue reduced charges when considering the entire picture rather than simply what the victim and officers say.

Alternatively, they may not file any charges at all.

But let us be clear.

We will take a case to trial if we feel that will give us the best outcome.

Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix Arizona, are not a force to be reckoned with.

We stand strong for our clients and defend them every step of the way. 


Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested and charged with a felony in Phoenix, Arizona, maybe a terrible and life-changing experience.

The police put you in cuffs and transport you to jail, frequently with little reason.

One moment, you’re going about your business as usual, and the next, your life seems to be over.

You will be shuttled from location to location, forced to have your fingerprints and photograph taken, and placed in a holding cell with people that fear you.

Some cops may question you, while others may act as if they are your friends and want to assist you.

The entire event can be degrading and disorienting, and many people struggle to think clearly.

They are too preoccupied with figuring out what is happening and how to stop it.

The endless questions and soon the shadow of fear rolls over them.

This is not a fun experience. However, this is the time to act, to find the best criminal defense attorney in Phoenix to help you determine your options.

We understand how upsetting dealing with criminal charges can be and how tough it is to think clearly – especially at first.

Call 602-835-0602 today to learn more about what can be done.

Phoenix Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Phoenix law enforcement officers know how confused, lost, and out of control, it can feel at first.

That is why they try so hard to get suspects to speak with them without the presence of a lawyer.

Most people think police officers and others are obligated to tell them the truth, but this is false.

While some regulations and standards must be followed, police have a lot of leeway for getting people to incriminate themselves and admit guilt.

Do not allow yourself to fall into this trap. Contact Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, as soon as you are arrested, charged, or find that you are being investigated.

We will work hard to keep you safe from both overzealous police officers and potential blunders on your part.

We firmly believe that there are always two sides to every story.

Everyone has the right to an aggressive, strong defense from an attorney who is concerned with safeguarding their rights.

We have helped countless people over the years and are eager to help you as well.

Protect your future. Call 602-835-0602 today!

Criminal Attorneys in Phoenix Arizona

We take our responsibilities seriously.

If you choose to work with us, you are entrusting your life to us.

We are fully aware of this.

Even if the allegations are minor, the consequences of a conviction can follow you for years.

You could lose custody and time with your children, gun license, professional license, and driver’s license.

A criminal record might make it difficult to secure a loan, find a place to live, acquire a job, and do other things.

When we accept a case, it is not just another job.

It is a pledge that we will work hard and exhaust all legal options to get your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.

Whether you are the subject of a state or federal law enforcement investigation or have been arrested and charged, there are crucial steps you can take to safeguard your reputation, freedom, and rights.

When dealing with an unrepresented arrestee who may have poor awareness of their rights, police officers and detectives recognize that they have a significant advantage.

Furthermore, damaging admissions or conflicting statements frequently strengthen a prosecutor’s case.

The best strategy to protect your future is to refuse to speak with the police and immediately establish your right to have counsel present.

When you have legal representation before charges are filed, your Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can safeguard your interests during lineups, searches, interrogations, and other phases of the pre-charge investigation process.

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