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If you have been arrested for a DUI, you need the best DUI lawyer in Phoenix, without a doubt!

You do not want to take matters into your own hands.

DUI offenses are severe and come with serious consequences.

The best DUI lawyer in Phoenix is undoubtedly Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Our aggressive drunk driving defense lawyers represent those accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes in Phoenix and surrounding areas. 

Individuals charged with DUI in Arizona must seek the legal counsel and assistance of a skilled and devoted criminal defense team.

You might lose your driving privileges, be required to pay substantial fines and face jail time.

You have constitutional rights that must be preserved.

Our DUI lawyers will use their ability, knowledge, and talent to ensure you are not wrongly convicted.

Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, have decades of experience.

Our proven outcomes make us the appropriate choice for individuals in and around Phoenix.

As the best DUI lawyer in Phoenix, we will be here to help in any way we can.

Our team understands the severity of these types of charges.

We work hard to help our clients accused of these crimes avoid heavy punishment. 

Phoenix’s Best DUI Attorneys

In Arizona, a drunk driving conviction has far-reaching ramifications that can harm your career, employment possibilities, reputation, and every other part of your life.

A conviction can also permanently stain your driving record.

The legal limit in Arizona is .08, with it lower for those under age or commercial drivers.

When facing drunk driving charges, you must meet with the best DUI lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible.

Prosecutors aim to prove beyond a doubt that you are guilty.

However, our job is to defend you by dismantling their case.

Best DUI Lawyer In Phoenix

Types of DUI Offenses in Phoenix AZ

In the state of Arizona, there are four different types of DUIs. 

While many people know and understand that a DUI carries serious consequences such as jail time, loss of your license, court dates, probation, and other consequences, they typically fail to realize that there are different levels of DUI, which are:

Of course, what the consequences are, will be different per person/case.

But that is a good overview of what to expect.

As the best DUI lawyer in Phoenix, we work to get your charges reduced and, in some cases, dismissed.  

When a driver is charged for the first time with DUI, it is critical to understand that there is help for proven strategies to fight and overcome driving under the influence.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused. 

Winning Your DUI Case

The first thing to remember is that successfully fighting DUI accusations can be technical and sophisticated.

There are also other powerful defenses based on abuses of a driver’s rights during arrest, technical requirements and protocols to follow, testing procedures, and your driver’s rights at a traffic stop.

You must speak with the best DUI lawyer in Phoenix before you plead anything.

While it might seem hopeless, many great defenses can be utilized.

We will start by looking at the arrest records and evidence.

No stone is left unturned.

We will look at everything from the technical details of the breathalizer to the traffic stop details.   

Everything must be scrutinized in case the police committed critical errors.

We examine an arrest from every possible angle, and if there are possibilities for a solid defense, we will assist in locating them.

Defending DUI charges can be stressful and overwhelming.

We also take the time to answer any questions or concerns a person may have along the way.

We can fully explain viable strategies for winning the case during our free consultation.

Phoenix DUI Defense Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of a DUI charge can be a difficult time.

Understand that we are here for you should you have questions or concerns.

We will take the time necessary to build you a solid case.

Our goal is to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Call the best DUI lawyer in Phoenix today at 602-835-0602 to get started.

When a person gets charged with a DUI for the first time, it is not surprising that most individuals will have two fundamental questions: “Am I going to jail?” and “How much is this going to cost?”

There are many questions, and this situation can be a bit terrifying.

Don’t worry or panic. There is hope. Let’s take a look at a few things that could happen.

Sometimes, there is a clear explanation for unusual driving, such as being distracted, ill, or tired.

In other cases, proof of erratic driving may be contradicted by a study of the police station footage, which reveals no evident indicators of a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

While some circumstances could get you off, there are, of course, others.

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Several, often very complex, methods exist for defending and defeating a DUI charge.

Aside from the all-too-common officer error.

Breathalyzer test device issues are another issue we will get into.

We will look over the Breathalyzer maintenance records.

These breathalyzer cases are frequently successfully won based on violations of drivers’ constitutional rights, actual arrest details, and police report issues.

Any DUI arrest is a frightening event.

This is especially true for those who have never been in trouble with the law.

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