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Domestic Violence Attorney Phoenix

Welcome to our Domestic Violence Attorney Phoenix page.

Our team of passionate attorneys is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

We understand the challenges you may be facing and are here to provide the legal support and guidance you need.

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As a domestic violence attorney Phoenix office, we see false claims of domestic abuse all too often.

The stigma of an accusation can be difficult to overcome.

Our domestic violence attorney, Phoenix office, understands how these scenarios can occur.

Let us help create a plan for you to be successful when facing domestic abuse charges.

When dealing with a domestic violence charge, our first goal is to have the charge dismissed.

If the charge cannot be dismissed, we will approach the matter to avoid a criminal conviction.

Our attorneys have won many domestic violence cases in the Phoenix area.

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Domestic Violence Attorney Phoenix

Common Reasons for False Domestic Violence

The people who are protected by the domestic violence statute are:

The threshold for a domestic relationship can be tricky to determine.

This is because the court will consider if your actions violated any laws.

They may also ask questions like how long ago this happened or what kind of interaction there was between you two in frequency over time – all these factors lead towards determining whether an individual has committed violence against their partner.

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Phoenix

When you employ skilled local legal counsel, you benefit from an attorney with prior experience working with prosecutors, judges, and police in your area.

Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, attorneys have represented clients in all area courts.

We have been in front of all the area judges in and around Phoenix.

We take pride in holding the Prosecutor’s Office accountable for its duties in every case.

When you are in court with an attorney from our firm, you can be confident that your attorney has gained a reputation in that court for being aggressive, clever, and tenacious.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge in the Phoenix area, contact an experienced local criminal defense attorney immediately.

We would be happy to address your most pressing questions.

We understand that this can be a frightening and confusing time for you.

Because of that, we do our best to answer your questions.

Our goal is to help you better understand what to expect.

Our team has been helping those accused of domestic violence charges get the outcome they are looking for.

Call at 602-835-0602 today to get started.

What are the Penalties of Domestic Violence

Under Section 13-3601 of the law, a criminal conviction in Arizona can lead to stiff penalties.

Domestic violence is no exception and will be treated as such when charges arise – whether it involves physical assault or not!

The classification includes mandatory minimum sentences for violations and restrictions on probationary eligibility depending on your case’s severity (including incarceration).

There’s also an added chance of receiving protective orders, which may affect future legal proceedings involving Dating Violence offenses if necessary during this period while evaluating what kind of arrangement.

Here are some examples of sentences you could receive for a conviction on various levels of domestic violence:

A Class 3 misdemeanor comes with up to 30 days behind bars.

A class 2 crime carries fines between $500-$2 500 plus community service hours or counseling requirements, while someone who committed Ro Passes will be subject to 1-3 years probation.

The courts in Arizona will consider whether the alleged victim was pregnant when they were beaten.

If so, a judge might increase their sentence by up to two-and-a-half years! Knowingly causing physical injury during pregnancy can result in an extra charge of felony aggravated domestic violence against you. 

If convicted on any level – misdemeanor or felony charges related to intimate partner abuse under 18—you’ll face such stringent penalties.

Domestic Abuse Attorney Office in Phoenix, AZ

Domestic violence allegations are taken very seriously in Arizona.

You should contact a domestic violence attorney in Phoenix immediately if you have been recently accused.

Unfortunately, mistakes, misunderstandings, and false accusations may lead to you being accused and possibly convicted of an offense.

The penalties are severe, and you might face jail time and/or fines if found guilty.

Furthermore, the individual who thinks you hurt them may pursue legal action against you, imposing restrictions on your life. In a domestic abuse case, the stakes are high, and the judicial system is complicated.

To effectively fight back against the charges, you must strictly adhere to specific regulations and laws, so going it alone could be costly.

Contact our domestic violence attorney in the Phoenix office for aggressive legal assistance if you have been charged with domestic abuse.

Every step of the way, our attorneys provide customized attention.

We will take the time to hear your side of the story and evaluate the facts to develop a solid legal strategy for your circumstance.

We will fight tirelessly on your behalf to get the results you want.

What if My Accuser Wants to Drop the Charges

You can still be prosecuted if your accuser wants to drop the charges in a domestic violence case.

People make the mistake of assuming that if they call and accuse someone of domestic violence, they have some control over any criminal charges.

When dealing with a domestic violence case, the accuser does not have authority over whether or not to prosecute any offenses or dismiss any accusations.

When an allegation of domestic violence is made, it is up to the prosecutor to decide if charges should be filed and, if so, whether they should be dismissed.

The prosecutor’s office is said to “take over the case” after charges are approved.

A judge is the only person with authority to dismiss domestic violence allegations.

A judge might dismiss domestic violence charges based on various legal grounds.

Get the Best Phoenix Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic Violence accusations can emerge from events that spin out of control, such as a heated dispute between a husband and wife or a misunderstanding with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

These criminal charges are significant and will never go away on their own since prosecutors hold high regard for those who brutally beat their spouses in Phoenix courts.

Anyone accused of domestic abuse stands to lose a lot: the respect of their friends, co-workers, children, and family.

Furthermore, this could affect their work or prospects for future employment and even their freedom.

A qualified domestic abuse lawyer can help you win your case or lessen the consequences of a domestic violence conviction.

When it comes to being arrested for domestic violence, our attorneys understand that sometimes the accused is innocent of the charges and did not commit the crime!

Unfortunately, if a person becomes agitated, all they have to do is phone the police and report being assaulted, battered, or intimidated by a previous or current significant other.

If this occurs in Phoenix, police will almost certainly respond and arrest the alleged culprit.

Our domestic violence attorneys know how to fight for their clients and achieve the best possible results.

Suppose you or someone you care about was arrested because of a false charge of spousal abuse made by a former partner who only phoned the police to seek revenge or get you in trouble.

In that case, you need to have an expert criminal defense attorney on your side right away! 

Defense for Domestic Abuse Allegations In Phoenix

When clients come to us with domestic abuse situations, we frequently hear from them that the victim did not want to seek charges in their case. In an abusive relationship, this is both normal and expected.

Many victims are pressured by their spouses or relatives.

These are the exact people who are usually the defendants in these situations.

Victims in these circumstances may have been abused so severely that they believe it is usual to be beaten and abused.

Prosecutors in Phoenix, AZ, often try to persuade victims to plead guilty in these cases.

This is because they know that the victim would not appear in court or that a husband or wife will not testify against the offender.

Do not succumb to the pressures of Phoenix prosecutors!

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys know what strategies to employ to keep our clients from being intimidated by overzealous prosecutors and attorneys. Call now!

We understand that our clients are not always guilty.

We’ve seen so-called victims fabricate abuse stories to get revenge on the defendant.

Rest assured, if you are innocent, we will not rest until your case is dropped or you receive a “not guilty” result at trial.

Our top domestic abuse attorney will get you the results you deserve!

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Being accused of a legal matter as severe as domestic violence means you need to call on someone to help.

Our legal team at Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix Arizonia has years of experience with domestic violence cases and is happy to help.

We offer free consultations to answer all of your burning questions.

Our team of experts wants to help you get a lesser sentence, or the charges dropped altogether. Call 602-835-0602 today!

Protective Orders in Arizona

When police officers arrive at the scene of an alleged domestic violence dispute, they must inform potential victims about resources available for their protection.

This includes protective orders such as those found in Arizona Statute 13-3602, which provides legal documentation preventing further criminal conduct by one party against another, including barring someone from coming near you or contacting you.

Different types of protective orders in Arizona are the following:

Order of Protection

The Order of Protection is a court order that can be used to protect people from acts of domestic violence.

It prohibits the named defendant in this document from contacting your spouse, child, or ex-spouse and restrains them when they are around you too!

For additional safety, it prevents them from coming into contact with any weapons at home and gives exclusive use over these properties, too, if necessary.

Emergency Order of Protection

This order allows the court to protect you from further harm.

If granted, this type of protection can last until tomorrow’s court date unless otherwise ordered by the judge or continued with emergency status, which will expire after 24 hours.

An authorization confirming that an applicant meets all filing requirements may take less than one day but more likely between two days up to three weeks, depending on how quickly everything gets done correctly.

Release Order

This release order is excellent for people who live in rural areas and cannot reach a judge after hours.

The protectors are enforceable when the state has released someone from custody due to domestic violence charges, making this type of emergency protective measure more widely available!

Injunction Against Harassment

Anybody who has been the victim of harassment at work knows how traumatic it can be. Injunctions are an essential tool for protecting people from continued abuse.

They’re designed to protect employees’ privacy in their professional lives, making them perfect when you need protection on your job!

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