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As an assault lawyer in Phoenix, we see many different types of assault allegations. Facing criminal charges of any kind can produce a wide range of feelings, including fear, embarrassment, and confusion.

However, we understand the law and will help you fight your allegations.

We work with our clients to ensure they get a reduction in their sentences.

In many cases, the charges are even dropped.

If you have been accused of assault and don’t know where to turn, Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, are happy to help. We look at the case from all angles.

Our team will develop a plan for your defense. Contact us today at 602-835-0602 to get started. 

Many individuals use the terms “assault” and “battery” to describe the same event.

It is crucial to clarify that these are separate criminal crimes under Arizona law.

Furthermore, the punishments imposed on persons guilty of these crimes can range from minor to severe.

It will depend on the circumstances.

For these reasons, anyone facing these charges should seek the advice of an assault lawyer, Phoenix, who is well-versed in the applicable statutes.

You want someone with a track record of securing positive outcomes for their clients.

An experienced assault lawyer, Phoenix, is important as the ramifications of a conviction will not only lead to fines and jail time but can also affect your overall life in many ways. 

Assault Lawyer Phoenix

Phoenix Assault Lawyers

Assault can be a misdemeanor, but it is usually punished as a felony because it is an act of violence against another person.

Furthermore, there are various sorts of assaults, and the punishments for each vary substantially.

Assault in the First Degree

This is a lower level of assault that is usually charged as a misdemeanor.

It is frequently perpetrated when someone causes bodily harm deliberately.

This can also be a charge should someone threaten another person and that person fears for their safety.  

Furthermore, if only minor injuries are sustained during a fight, the person could be looking at a disorderly person’s offense, which is less than a misdemeanor.  

Aggravated Assault

When a person causes substantial disfigurement or physical injury to another person, they are charged with aggravated assault, a felony.

This is also the case if a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument is utilized to put fear into the person or is used to cause serious harm.

It is also deemed aggravated assault if the victim is bound or physically restrained or occurs after entering another person’s private residence with the intent to commit assault.

Furthermore, any assault against a  professional health care provider, school employee, criminal prosecutor, public defender, paramedic, teacher, firefighter, or police officer while they are on the job is considered aggravated and usually will result in a felony.

The criminal allegation of aggravated assault could have been committed via careless behavior or committed with the knowledge of the offense.

In some situations, an assault committed by an adult against a child under 15 is deemed aggravated.

In Arizona, to be classified as an aggravated assault, the perpetrator must have intended to cause serious bodily harm, have used a lethal weapon such as a motor vehicle, knife, bat, or gun, and have caused temporary or permanent injuries.

The severity of the injuries, the victim’s status, and whether a weapon was used usually determine the level of assault and the punishment.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault, also known as rape, involves sexual intercourse without the victim’s consent.

It is defined in certain places as having carnal knowledge of another person forcibly and against their will. 

Sexual assault includes inappropriate groping, touching, and even voyeurism.

Sex crimes attract harsher punishments, and offenders can face life in jail.

Types of Sex Crimes That Sexual Assault Lawyer Phoenix Handle

VOYEURISM: ARS § 13-1424

They took pictures or videos of someone without their knowledge or consent for sexual gratification. This includes filming or photographing someone without their permission.


In Arizona, sexual abuse is when someone sexually engages with someone else without their consent.


If you knowingly or intentionally have sexual contact with a child under age 15, you are breaking the law. It is also illegal to make someone have sexual contact with a child who is under 15, except if it is done on the female breast.


It is a crime to have sex for money knowingly. This includes agreeing to, engaging in, or offering to engage in sexual activity with someone for money. Soliciting someone for prostitution is also a crime in Phoenix Arizona.


Public sexual indecency means having sexual contact, sexual intercourse, oral sex, or bestiality in a public place where someone present could be offended or alarmed.


In Arizona, it is a crime to film, photograph, record, or otherwise display a minor engaged in sexual acts or conduct. It is also illegal to distribute this explicit material.


In Arizona, it is illegal to show your genitals or anus in public.

This also includes female breasts, except when breastfeeding.

You can get in trouble for doing this even if someone else might not find it offensive or alarming.

This is a law that says it is a crime to take pictures of a minor who is being sexual.

It is also illegal to share these pictures.

This law applies to all types of sex crimes.

Our law firm has a lot of experience defending people against these crimes.

We know the laws that apply and what our clients need to be successful in court.

No matter the situation, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation about your case. 

What to Do After a Sexual Assault

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If you are charged with assault, you should seek a criminal defense counsel specializing in assault cases to discuss your defense alternatives, potential penalties for conviction, and charges.

At Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, we help those accused of assault crimes.

We are the assault lawyer Phoenix office you can count on.

As a professional assault lawyer, Phoenix would undertake our investigation of the facts if retained.

Furthermore, we would strive to gather exculpatory evidence to be utilized in your favor.

We aim to preserve your rights; and obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

For felony assault, the jail sentence ranges are broad. As a result, the court has discretion over your sentence within that range.

If the charges cannot be dropped, your assault lawyer, Phoenix, will provide mitigating facts in an attempt to lower the sentence.

Assault Defence Attorney in Phoenix

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When you hire our firm, you can rest assured that you have a heavyweight on your side.

Proceed with confidence in your case.

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Because of this, our criminal defense lawyer will pursue every possible option to have your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

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