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Phoenix Drug Lawyer

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Phoenix Drug Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you must consult a Phoenix drug crime lawyer at Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix Arizona LLC, who will fight to safeguard and defend your legal rights and freedom.

If you are arrested for possession with the intent to deliver, trafficking, selling, or manufacturing, the penalties you face are severe.

Our major objective is to safeguard your legal rights and dismiss or reduce the allegations brought against you.

In return, this will minimize the detrimental impact on your life.

We recognize the seriousness of all drug offenses in Phoenix and the penalties that may be imposed, from simple possession to making methamphetamine or drug trafficking.

We defend everyone.  

Drug Lawyer in Phoenix

Criminal Lawyers of Phoenix, Arizona, is one of Arizona’s most well-known legal firms.

We have an established track record and are proactive, which is what is required to protect our clients from significant criminal consequences.

As a Phoenix drug lawyer, we have successfully represented thousands of clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Our significant knowledge and skills enable us to provide our clients with reliable, effective legal counsel.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can begin preparing a successful defense on your behalf.

An accused citizen facing such offenses cannot rely on unknown public defenders to devote themselves to resolving the criminal case.

You don’t merely go with any public An accused citizen facing such offenses cannot rely on unknown public defenders to devote themselves to resolving the criminal case. You don’t merely go with any public defender.

 While getting caught with drugs in the procession is one thing, it is a whole different ball game when you are caught with the intent to distribute or traffic. Let’s take a look at what the different terms mean.

Phoenix Drug Lawyer

Types of Drug Offenses We Handle

Prescription drug abuse has surged throughout the state.

Therefore, law enforcement officials are cracking down on offenses related to their usage.

Individuals frequently seek out different physicians to receive more of a substance than is legally permitted.

Furthermore, people would sometimes lie about their ailments to obtain a prescription.

The most widely misused pharmaceuticals are Vicodin and Oxycodone, both of which are exceedingly deadly when taken in large doses.

Drug Attorney in Phoenix

The penalties for drug crimes in Phoenix are quite high.

You can face expensive court costs, look at time in jail or prison, and it can hurt your overall life.

Because of this, you must seek out the assistance of a Phoenix drug lawyer for advice.

We would never recommend going to court alone without proper representation.

We fight hard for our clients to ensure they are well represented to diminish their sentence or eliminate it.

A drug conviction can affect your life for many years down the road.

You need to look at the entire picture.

Your record will carry that conviction for many years.

This can affect your employment, ability to get a loan, and ability to rent and could even lead to deportation.

When facing drug charges, it is important to have a Phoneix drug lawyer on your side.  


Finding a Phoenix Drug Lawyer

When the stakes are as high as they are for those facing drug charges, you can’t go with just anyone.

You need an attorney office with experience. Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix is backed up with over 20 years of experience.

We understand the laws and keep up with the changing times.

Our legal team will discuss exactly your charges with you and review some ideas.

We offer free consultations to allow you to ask questions and get a feel for our law office.

When looking for a Phoenix drug lawyer, you must be ready to ask questions.

Not all attorneys in Phoenix are the same. Be sure that you present your case and evidence as truthfully as possible.

Your attorney can only help you if you are honest with them.  

Consequences for Drug Charges

The consequences of drug charges are vast.

They vary from a few years in jail to many years in prison.

It will depend on what you are charged with, the amount, and how many charges you have had.

Our attorneys will help you understand exactly what you are facing. Call 602-835-0602 today to get started. 

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Drug crimes are very serious matters. They come with huge consequences that could alter your life forever. Without the proper representation, you will certainly get the worse outcome possible. However, Criminal Lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, helps our clients get a better sentence, improves the overall outcome of the case, and in some cases, will get the charges dropped. Don’t act alone, be represented by one of the best Phoenix drug lawyer agencies in Phonix. Call 602-835-0602 today!

It can be a very scary time when you or a loved one faces drug charges. Many legal terms are thrown around, and without the knowledge of a Phoenix drug lawyer, you could be facing huge penalties and long prison or jail time. We want to help you get the best outcome for your case possible. Call now.


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